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ABA Therapy

(Applied Behavioral Analysis)

PPIC offers learning sessions that are specifically designed to meet a client's individualized needs.  Our therapy environments and learning opportunities are engaging and data based to make sure each client grows to their potential.

  • Methodologies include Natural Environment Training (NET), multisensory approaches, and some Discrete Trial Training as needed.

  • ABA is empirically based, we promote generalization that leads learned skills to transfer to multiple settings, people, and materials, and is supervised by our senior consultant who is degreed in ABA.

"Is not a word to be feared.  It's a child to be loved."
Four Seas Stars

"We found Puzzle Pieces and Bridgette when we were in a time of crisis with our 15 year old son with high functioning autism.  She was able to connect with him and talk him through the situation in a way I had never seen before.  Since that time, she has taught Alex life skills that have helped him grow and mature into an adult that is functioning in society.  Alex is now 22 and over the years he often comments, "She just understands me."  My one regret is that we didn't finde her sooner!"  

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