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Meet Our Team

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Bridgette Arno Sparks


Education & Behavioral

Bridgette Arno Sparks is a resident of Middle Georgia.  Bridgette graduated from Plattsburg State University with a dual B.S. degree in Special Education and Regular Education (with licensure) and later went on to obtain her master's degree in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis from the Ohio State University. She has worked as a supervisor of respite care for individuals with disabilities and in the New York State Advocacy Resource Program.

Bridgette has been an educational and behavioral consultant to early intervention and treatment programs for all ages in the home, school, therapeutic, clinical, and hospital-based environments.  She has taught in and been consultant to many classrooms and agencies on the East Coast.  In addition, Bridgette has had extensive training in teaching academic as well as social competency skills to individuals with autism and related disorders.  She has been involved in research concerning social competency skills, challenging behaviors, and skill acquisition for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Prior to establishing Puzzle Pieces Intervention Center in July 2009, Bridgette had assisted in the development and worked with Awakenings Medical Center in Macon, Georgia to provide valuable resources to assist clients with biomedical, educational, developmental, and behavioral concerns.  Bridgette has also worked closely with the medical community as an education/behavior/learning disabilities specialist for Central Georgia Institute for Developmental Medicine (Formerly:  The Medical Center) with Dr. Stephen Copps and Edna Copeland.

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Lisa Payne

Office Manager

Lisa Payne is our office support specialist for PPIC.  Lisa has over 19 years experience as an office support specialist.  She loves spending time with her family during her free time.  Lisa also enjoys listening to music and playing with her pets Dior and Cherrio.  Lisa is always available to help you with scheduling tours, intakes, service descriptions, and payment options to ensure you have the best engagements with our company!


Krista Melton

Learning Support Specialist

Life Coach

Krista Melton is Learning Support Specialist and Life Coach at Puzzle Pieces Intervention Center. Krista has over 23 years of experience working with children and adults with and without special needs. She recently moved back to GA from Jacksonville, Florida where she worked at a children’s gym as a Director and coach for 2 years. Krista has also been a Pre-school lead teacher for 3 years. One of her passions is being a children’s event coordinator and running creative camps. Throughout her past experience, Krista has utilized her passion in everything she  does. Through her coaching, she brings her knowledge of fine and gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and structure to get individuals up and moving through all of their ability levels. Krista enjoys art, crochet, hiking, working out, baking Christmas cookies, holiday decorating, cross stitiching, quilting, and painting. She has a passion for teaching, curriculum design, and event coordinating. Krista especially enjoys seeing the smiles on everyone's faces when she does the events. 





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